This 17-Year Old Artist Is On Their Way

Meet Featured Artist – Nhatvy Mai

Take a look at the work of Nhatvy Mai who loves art and has been creating artistic pieces since fourth grade.

I am 17-year old who loves art and started to create art pieces since fourth grade, from then I was always in an art class until I graduated from high school. In addition, I am planning to join an art school after I graduate from four years of college, during the duration of getting my bachelor’s degree I would take art classes at the University that I am attending.

For the love of Frida!

This vibrant painting of Frida by Nhatvy Mai, expresses her personality and unique style of dress. The fabric work is detailed and has a tactical, satiny feel. The texture work adds an extra dimension of reality.

For the first painting, I recreated one of Frida Kahlo’s photo from a magazine, from oil paint on a canvas, I also added fake flowers on Frida’s hair to make the piece a mixed-media piece by incorporating different techniques together.

From Frida to the Natural Beauty of Trees

For the second piece (shown), I wanted to focus more on nature, so I decided to use a picture of Sakura trees that I have found on the Internet to create my watercolor painting piece from.

To add dimension to the piece, I used pearls and flower petals made by me from watercolor painting papers to sew on the trees to create flowers.

With this wide variety of style and intuition, we have not doubt that the work of Nhatvy Mai will grow and become even more unique.

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