Alexander Lee Landerman

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Meet Artist Alexander Lee Landerman

Rabbit Series Statement, image 1&2: This series deals with the disconnection we have with the food we eat. My intent is to remind the viewer that the meat they are consuming was once a living creature. I am not advocating that eating meat is wrong or that anyone should be ashamed of what they choose to eat. It is only my hope that people will consider what they are eating, and respect the creature for their sacrifice on our behalf.

The text of these pieces was hand-printed on a Vandercook proofing press using a variety of different wooden fonts; the images were then drawn over the printed text. The series itself consists of 25 different recipes from many different cultures, which were chosen to show the universal language and necessity of food. Each recipe also has a different rabbit drawn over the text to show the uniqueness and give the animals a sense of individuality.

Aves Series Statement image 3&4: When I was a boy, the trip to Germantown, Milwaukee was the longest drive imaginable. Sitting in the car for what felt like forever vibrating with the anticipation of a weekend with Grandma was the worst combination of excitement and boredom imaginable. I loved that old house full of treasure, with a garden ripe for boyhood adventures. Above all, there were the birds. Maybe the years and my imagination have made more of them, but I remember birds everywhere in the garden.

That’s why when we lost my grandmother last year I started to draw birds, because so much of what I remember of my grandmother had to do with those birds.