6 Must-Do’s for Up and Coming Artists to Get Your Name in Front of Those Who Need You

Are you an up and coming artist who is relatively new to the idea of promoting your services online?  Do you want to sell your artwork online?

The Internet is a vast landscape with millions of new businesses launching every day – so yes, it’s highly competitive.  But don’t let that scare you; there are ways to market yourself and your art that are easy, and many of them free, great when you don’t have a bottomless advertising budget.

Here are 6 must-do’s to start getting the word out about your art:

First of all, have your own website.  It’s important that you have your own online “store,” a place to showcase your talents, knowledge and experience. Obviously you want to have samples of your work and a great about page.

Take your website to the next level with interaction. Showcase testimonials from clients, video some demos of techniques you’ve mastered. If you’re in it for the long haul consider teaching online art classes.

Participate in social networking.  Today, nearly everyone has a Facebook page, and you can’t turn on the television without hearing about Twitter.  Network with others in related fields, promote your design work and articles, engage in the conversations.

Blog.  Search engines love blogs, and so do people.  Blogs are often a bit more casual than a static website, and those who read your articles can comment, making them feel a part of the discussion.  Blog about your work in progress, your experience, what you’ve done in the past, your education, your passions and hobbies.  Other blogs and websites link to great content, which means higher search engine rankings for you.

Participate in relevant forums.  Forums are where thousands of people congregate who are of like minds.   Join a few forums where you can participate and  offer your input when others ask questions.  Members will take notice of your knowledge and guidance.

Design your own business cards – and use them.  You MUST have a business card, even though there’s no way to distribute them online. Hand them out everywhere you go. And don’t go the free cheap route! Create business cards that are creative and memorable. Do a different design on each card with your artwork, like an artist trading card. You can create these types of cards at Moo.com.

Build relationships with your raving fans. It is essential that you not only network but also develop a trusting, close relationship with all of your clients.  Do you have those in your life that absolutely love your work? They are your biggest fans, be sure and show them your appreciation for their support. Strong relationships are a give and take and that includes in business too!

All of the above tips are free or low cost, so you can actually begin getting the word out starting right now and begin to sell your artwork! However, be sure you have an artist statement to help potential buyers to understand your vision and style.

Go sign up with the social networking sites, find a few forums to “lurk” in and see what’s going on. The more you engage with others, the quicker you will get your name out there.

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