Chandra Akerblom


I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another I just create the first thing that comes to mind.

This means I am always working on something. My hands are always busy otherwise I’m just not being me. I do not limit myself to one medium. My brain can’t focus on one thing at a time. So I may start off with a painting, then in the middle loose interest and then pick up wire and create something from that. I feel to me an artist you must not close yourself off but open yourself up to everything. I write poetry, paint, draw, sculpt, make jewelry, photography, photo manipulation and I’m sure the list will continue to grow.

I have never been to school for art, except for in high school. And even then I would take slight suggestions and still go about doing it my way. Especially when it came to figure drawing, I chopped of the heads and arms of our live models, I still to this day cannot draw any human in a realistic manner. Everything is abstract, I like the out of the box appeal to everyday life. I want you to see the same mundane everyday things in a new light and fall in love with them all over again.