Crafting Words That Sell Your Art – Online Selling Tips for Self-Taught Artists

If you’re a self-taught artist who wants to sell your art online, coming up with 200 or 300 words may seem like a daunting task; after all, you’re an artist, not a writer! That said, when you want to promote your creative works on the Internet, using words – the RIGHT words – is essential. In fact, the written description of your art can be just as critical as the visual in the virtual world. You have to “sell” the virtues and features of your work, offering vivid descriptions for potential buyers.

You’re not a writer, and maybe your marketing skills aren’t so great, either. Online, you have to look at your paintings, sketches, and drawings from the potential buyer’s point of view, describing the benefits and features in a way that engages the potential buyer. Ready for a few writing tips to help you achieve success selling your art online?
Here are a few:

Paint a vivid picture (no pun intended), describing your creation as if the interested party could not see the painting or drawing. Think of it this way: Pretend the words you use to describe your work is the only experience the reader will ever have of it.

Include details of the colors, being very descriptive about their effect. For instance, dark blue may be included with the word “dusky.” Other descriptive words describing the intensity of color can include diffused, radiant, luminous.

Consider the feeling you can evoke through words. If a potential client is looking for a painting to use as the focal point over a sofa in the living room, he/she isn’t looking for a sunset with lots of purple and orange. The client is thinking more in terms of a distinctive, eye-catching piece that will evoke a relaxed, soothing feeling. Your words should make potential buyers FEEL the mood or tone of the painting.

Sure, art is charcoal, pencil, or paint on canvas or other medium – but it isn’t passive! You aren’t just selling a physical object, you’re selling an experience, a feeling. Explain in your content what your art accomplishes, whether it nurtures and soothes, charms, motivates, or creates an atmosphere.

Descriptive words sell and provide value. You often need to tell people what to 'see' in a painting.
Descriptive words sell and provide value. You often need to tell people what to ‘see’ in a painting.

Even after reading these tips, coming up with the right words may still be tough – but with practice and a little assistance from family and friends who can describe your artwork from their own unique perspectives, you’ll find it becomes much easier!

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