Creative (and Inexpensive) Tips for Marketing Your Talent As a Artist

You don’t have to be a starving artist – follow these helpful business tips!

Brand yourself.
Yes, that’s right! Most people equate “brands” with large corporations, but the fact is artists should have a brand. What makes you unique? What do you stand for? Your style? While your at it write an artist statement – we show you how here.

Jump in Online.
Join industry-related forums; create a Facebook business page, join Twitter and/or LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites where you can engage with fellow artists. If you’ll get out there and get involved, you’ll see that there are nearly limitless opportunities to put your talent in front of those who need it.

Create a press release for distribution.

Have a gallery showing? Press releases help put you in the “news,” and search engines (as well as people) love news. Optimize your press release for your keywords and geographical location if applicable. Submit your press release to highly trafficked PR sites like PRWeb and Business Wire.

Write articles for your own website, and submit to directories.
Write articles about art, art tips, even reviews of artists and galleries and put them on your own website (for SEO benefits), then submit them to article directories for further syndication.

You may have thought marketing your talents as a artist would cost a fortune (or at least more than you can afford). The fact is, you can promote yourself effectively for very little cost! Sure, there will be some areas where you will want to spend a little money, but even on a shoestring budget you can enjoy substantial exposure.

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