Encouragment for Artists

It’s difficult to make a living as an artist. I’m stating what many struggling artists know.

When I was a child my mother would spend hours in her studio painting. She enjoyed creating art however she also wanted to sell her work. She is an amazing talented oil painting artist and I always wanted to be an artist like her. I recall times when she would take on an assignment from a client who would pay her for a work of art after it was completed. She would spend hours/days/months only to be ripped off in the end by the client changing their mind or bickering over the cost.

I’ve always thought it unfair how artists and creative people are taken advantage of. As a art student myself at one time and a professional graphic and web designer today, I’ve seen it all and have experienced the same struggles and frustrations.

Communicating the value of the arts, promoting and encouraging artist is one of my passions. I believe passionate, talented and dedicated people can still make a living in the visual arts. However it takes more. You have to have a business mind set and in a sense you have to step away from your work and not make it personal. You have to be able to take objective criticism and work with it.

As a professional, you are not creating art and design because YOU enjoy it (though that is a benefit to you in your work), you are doing this because you are providing value and a solution to your client. And they are paying you to create their vision!

If you’re a fine artist you are providing an experience, a collectable, a one of a kind piece of art that speaks to your client in a non-verbal way and connects to them. This art your client purchases is so valuable in fact that it will become a heirloom. Don’t underestimate the value of this permanence. Don’t give your talent away, unless of course you want to make it a gift.

I’ve always loved inspiration quotes and these are some of my favorite inspiration quotes for art and creativity. I hope you are encouraged!










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