FAQ – Display your Work on this Website

How do I upload my artwork on Art and Design Inspiration?
You can upload your artwork by clicking here and filling out the form verifying that you are the artist or designer and if not, that you have the permission of the artists or designer to upload their artwork.
What about accepted submission?
We do not guarantee that every submission will be accepted.

Accepted submissions will be added to the website as quick as we can. From a few days out to a couple weeks. You will be notified via email if your work is published.

What do you do with my artwork?
We share your art with the art and design community on our website, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our goal is to provide examples of quality work, helpful resources and bring visibility not only to your work but also to this website as a means to encourage and promote artists and designers.
What if I don't want my art on this site anymore?
At any time if you want your work taken off our site, just email us here and provide a link to the page if possible.
Is it free to display my art on your site?
Yes! Every couple weeks or so we select an artist to feature. We display your art, anywhere from 1-3 images on the website. We will also add a short bio that you supply. Be sure and provide details about your art and you as an artist.
Can I advertise on this site?
Yes, contact us for more info.