Featured Artist – Larissa De Jesús

Each month we feature a new artist on Art and Design Inspiration. In celebration of International Women’s Day we are featuring Latino Artist, Larissa. Take a look at her depth of expression in her artwork. Larissa works on Colored pencil, Acrylic paint and Digital manipulation.

My name is Larissa De Jesús (aka LALA LOVE) and I am a Puerto Rican 21 year-old artist. I’ve studied art for 12 years now and have been talking about femininity and women conditions in our modern society for almost 4 years. I am currently working on a BFA in Hunter College in New York City and miss my hometown terribly (and it shows on most of my recent works). My recent work talk about my experience as a Latina women in the US; I focus on expressing my pain and discomfort of having to encounter misogyny and racism on a day-to-day basis. I feel that to identify myself as a woman comes a great burden but yet a great privilege. Through my work I express what in means to be a women, which most of the time is the combination of pain and strength.

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