Featured Artist Nini Barbakadze

“The Sky has not limit, nor does out dreams”.

Meet Featured Artist Nini who began drawing in Kindergarten. A self-taught artist, she expresses that “drawing is part of her personality and who she is”.

I remember my first drawing. It was the first day of my Kindergarten. We took a walk in the park and then sat drawing. I draw a tree with huge yellow leaves, between the half-naked brunches cloudless sky as was it that day. I got scolded. The teacher had this distorted view of a sky being a thin blue line at the top of the paper. I deviated from ‘kid drawing’ norms I filled the space between the leaves and branches and grass. I told the teacher she was wrong about the sky, that sky was not a line. That sky had no limit, I believe nor does our dreams.

I have always dreamed of being an artist. Drawing has always being something mine, my defining characteristic, part of my personality. I have never had a lesson in art, I don’t even know if I am holding the pencil correctly, If I am using the right paint or creating the right composition… But I believe there is no right or wrong…There is no frame for art, there is no limit…

Enjoy the expression in her work. She works in Charcoal and Acrylic.

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