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Your Name or title

This is an example of a bio page. Which will have your name, or business name and specialty. A page will have a slideshow of your work, up to 5 images and a bio picture of yourself. Page is search engine friendly and any terms that you want to be found for (no guarantees) need to be submitted along with your bio. You will need to email us your bio picture (preferably of you working on something) and pictures of your work, If you have questions please visit our FAQ page on formats and sizes. Before you submit your work please consult our terms and agreement verifying that you are the artist and owner of the work.

Try to answer these questions in your bio.

What inspires you to create?
How long have you been doing this?
What does your art signify in your life?
Do you have tips for others?
Do you have any formal training, business experience if in the art or design business? If so, list this too.

If applicable we will include a link to your website, social media, videos, any articles online that you have (article writing service is also available through A&DI).
A good bio will give the details about you, a great bio will be engaging, and tell your story

If you need help creating your bio one of our professional copywriters can help you create a professional bio that you can also use in any of your communications including LinkedIn and your website. It’s often challenging for artists and designers to write a bio about themselves. It’s so personal and sometimes difficult to put the business hat on and write from a business perspective. We can help you with this for a minimal fee if you like. Email us here and our copywriter will consult with you on your needs.



Address and phone if applicable
Phone: 480.367.1156

Email: your email address
Website: your website


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