Finding Your Center & Breaking through Creative Barriers

As a creative person and owner of a website design business in Phoenix for the past 8 years, it seems I’ve learned everything the hard way! I’m an artist at heart, and one of the challenges in the beginning was to take my skill and make into a viable business that would grow.

It’s tough running your own business. I’ve met many people who have been in this business thinking that it’s all about the good part of it; which is creating websites, having freedom from an ‘office job’ and hopefully financial freedom.

But with experience (don’t be afraid to make mistakes that’s how you learn), acceptance (of your limitations), passion (yes, love what you do), skill (keep learning), dedication (don’t give up), strategy (keep working on it) and much more… you can do it!

However along the way there are barriers.

  • Not enough time in the day to work on everything
  • Learning to sell yourself
  • Your own preconceived limitations

These are just a few.

A main barrier for me this last year, was taking and making the time to work on my own design. If you’re in a creative business and making/creating for others all the time, you know what I mean. Last year we developed dozens of website for professionals. I had a big roadblock in my way to work on my own.  I would put time aside to work through what I needed to do, but just couldn’t get in the zone to get it done.


Well, finally I had enough. New Year’s Resolution 1; Update and redesign the website for my own business! Check it out if you would like here.

However, I wanted to do more than just get it done. I wanted meaning behind it. So into the zone to really reflect on what is this all about?

It’s more than meets the eye. It’s the center of what I’m all about. Which is enjoying nature for inspiration, art and peace of mind. It’s the place I go to refuel spiritually.

The whole purpose of starting a business 8 years ago was to have more time to enjoy my family, hiking, nature, & art. Though challenging most of the time to get away from the office, by having a new brand that is centered on the heart of what I enjoy, is a constant reminder of what I’m working towards.

What is your goal in 2016? What are you working towards?

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