Frida – Her Art Still Compels Many

Happy Birthday to Frida born on July 6th 1907. The art of Frida lives beyond her time and inspires fans and art collectors.

As the most famous woman painter in Mexico (and possibly the world) Fridia is an icon.

Her spirit, and style continues to inspire many artists and her work today is a rare collectable. Currently the ‘My Birth’ painting is owned by Madonna whom is a avid collector of Frida’s art. It’s also thought that Madonna owns Kahlo’s 1943 work Roots purchased for $5.6 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

For viewers and collectors of her art there is a deep connection. In her work you see the vulnerable and expressive woman that she was. She left the art world with a legacy of art that rivals all others. Using her own unique “folkloric” style of painting, Frida painted the diary of her life.

Frida Finds

Our ongoing Frida contest on Art & Design Inspiration

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  2. “Mis Amores Chiquitos” by Debi Winger
  3. Frida en los manos de Diego
  4. Frida by Lann Valentine
  5. Frida by Genevieve Esson
  6. Frida by Chris Rosepapa
  7. Cate Padilla-Finney

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