Frida Kahlo’s Life & Work – She Compels Us

Frida Kahlo’s work and life has inspired artists and photographers for years. What is it about Frida that is so compelling?

Is it her brave spirit, her boldness, her talent? The way she was totally herself through good time and sad times?

Is she a symbol for free expression and a wild creative nature for women during a time that women were repressed?

The effects of Frida and her work live on in artistic expression. She’s irresistible. For artists and photographers there is just something we want to capture. And capture… this is completely what Photographer Alice Asnaghi did with the following photo shoot with her friend.

Frida Kahlo was a fantastic woman and one of my favourite artist.
My friend is a perfect sosia and the old dresses we found in the wardrobe were just perfect to realize this photo project, which is a tribute to her. – Alice Asnaghi

Check out the following photo shoot which is a beautiful creative and inspiring Tribute to Frida.

I think Frida would be smiling.





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