Have a Sinking Feeling? How You Can Swim to the Top in Your Business


Nearly every self-taught individual involved in a career that he or she “taught” himself hits the wall at some point, experiencing a feeling that instead of rising to the top, he or she is slowly (or perhaps rapidly) sinking.

This really is quite normal; nothing ever goes on without a glitch, even when you work for someone else. It may be that you have the basics of your career down, but are now at the point where you feel you need to expand your know-how a bit further. Maybe you feel “frozen” in time, and that your competitors have an edge on you.

So how can you swim when you feel like you are sinking?

Confront the opposition.

No, we don’t mean to get in a brawl with your competition or to actually confront them in person. Analyze what those other graphic or web designers are doing. What are they offering that you are not? What makes them different? Is it something you could teach yourself? Those who enjoy careers and who are self-taught are usually pretty head-strong and motivated, so it’s nothing you can’t overcome!

Ask yourself why not.

If you have learned nearly everything you know thus far, you can teach yourself everything else you need to know. With all of the available resources online, there is no reason you have to feel like you’re bogged down and cannot reach your goals! When you’re determined and goal-oriented, you can accomplish whatever you desire when you set your mind to it.

Take a class or online course.

There is nothing “shameful” in furthering your ability with the help of others! If you’re into coding websites and feel you’re getting left behind, why not take a class or buy a book that will take your knowledge and ability into the future? Nowhere in the “rules” does it say that self-taught entrepreneurs have to rely only on their own resources to get ahead.

Step out of your safety zone.

You know where you are at, and how you got there. Take a step out into where you are going; don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone – you weren’t afraid before, as you were absorbing everything you could to get where you are at today. Move ahead little by little, and learn in little pieces that aren’t overwhelming. Feel confident knowing that you have been successful in your efforts so far, and that this is not your limit – it’s just the beginning!

When you feel like you have hit a point in your career where it’s either sink or swim, CHOOSE to swim. It’s amazing what positive thinking can do, and where it can take you. Do whatever it takes to reach the level of success you want to reach, and never give up!