How to Get in the Artist Zone

Tips for Artists to get in the Creative Zone

“Creativity takes courage,” as Matisse once said. This is especially true when you can’t get into the zone.

You stare and the blank canvas or paper and see nothing. You look at your files of inspiration and everything comes back flat and blank. It’s as if you don’t care. You lost your energy and and can’t seem to get in the zone. Your frustrated, you feel like giving up.

You’re stuck. What’s next?
It’s an awful feeling. Especially when you’ve experienced the high of instant ideas and visuals and create new, fresh and dynamic art and images on a whim.

First things first.
Walk away from it, walk away from the fact it’s just not working out.

Put it out of your mind.
When your under pressure to create something and your stressed or not finding the creative vibe that you need RIGHT NOW… switch gears.

Take a nap.
Something about being unconscious (in a good way) refreshes the spirit. The exhaustion that come come from creating or trying to, sometimes needs a nap.

You need a change of scenery – get outside.
Find a quiet spot in nature to help you get back into the creative zone.

Focus your senses on other things such as music or whatever makes you happy.

It’s amazing when you get out of your creative space/studio/office how much better you can think. Take time for your body, nourish your spirit.

As you let it go and focus your attention on not trying so hard… what is already inside you will appear.

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