Injecting Art into Everyday Life


Sometimes life can be a challenge; you’re busy, and “fitting” art into your schedule every day just doesn’t seem possible.

Maybe you used to have all the time in the world to create, and now it seems there’s hardly a spare moment in the day. How can you inject art into your ‘every day?’ Here are a few ideas.

Doodle or sketch.

When you’re talking on the phone with a friend or just not sure what you want to create, doodling and sketching is productive as you can thing through any art projects you have in the works, but haven’t quite developed or “fleshed out” yet.

Be grateful for that little bit of time you slipped in.

Even on those days when you can barely fit in ten minutes for your artwork, be grateful, and accept that you have time limitations. Instead of thinking of how you wish you could have accomplished more, be grateful for what you did get accomplished!

Take photos everywhere you go.

Today, with the advent of cell phones, you can take photos literally anywhere and everywhere. Any time you see something that is beautiful or inspiring, take a photo of it. Taking photos helps you look at life in a way that is artful; the pictures you take could prove to be a creative resource on those days that you do have time for art.

Make time.

Even when you think there is no possible way you can make time for art, you can. As humans, we make time for those things we are most passionate about, the things we truly love. Schedule an art date with an artist friend, even if it’s just one day every month or two and you take turns playing “art studio” at one another’s homes. And all of that doodling and the little things you find to inspire you on other days? Use all of those little actions to really be creative on your “artist day out.”

Allow yourself to play.

It’s essential that you have down time, even when you’re stressing out that you should be concentrating on your art. Play can inspire you; think of a day on the beach, or even spent on a boat fishing. A hike in the mountains, or a day at the park with the kids. It is times like these that can really spark your imagination and creativity! So even when you’re playing, you’re opening new doors to some very amazing and creative art.

The great thing about being an artist is that so much of your inspiration and creativity is mental, so ideas can come from literally anywhere! Never feel guilty when you can’t spend hours everyday on your creative works, and be thankful even for those brief moments during the busiest days that you can focus on your passion. Think of your art as an ongoing process, not in terms of deadlines that have to be met.