Inspiration for Fresh Drawing and Painting Ideas

There’s no doubt that artists are creative, but as creative and easily inspired as we are, we still run out of ideas sometimes. You look at the canvas, and your mind is a total blank. While thankfully this doesn’t happen often for most artists, sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

Here are a few ideas for helping get your mind ‘unstuck’ and back into creative gear:

Take inspiration from the ordinary.
Sometimes, the most beautiful works of art come from the simplest things in life, such as a coffee mug, apple, or tree.

Love animals? Pets are great for inspiration. If you’re a furry friend lover, sketch your pet while he or she is at play, or sleeping at your feet. If you don’t have any pets, you can really get inspired by going to the local zoo – and there’s nothing more relaxing or enjoyable than sketching outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day.

Go outdoors and let nature inspire you.
Whether you live in the woods, near the mountains, or have a lake or stream nearby, there are literally thousands of possibilities when you get out amidst nature. From the simplest things link pine cones or leaves to a more complex landscape, nothing inspires like Mother Nature.

Go online or flip through magazines and books.
Sometimes, just browsing through other artists’ work can give you an amazing idea or two! Study the art you find, really think about it to determine how you would change it if you were to have created the work. Or, if you enjoy medieval themes, stain a page with diluted ink or tea, give the page an interesting/unique border, and let your imagination go to work with dragons, witches, etc.

Of course, you can always have family and friends sit for you while you create a fun caricature or charcoal! Sometimes, just getting your mind out of that ‘blank’ zone by taking a look around you is all the inspiration you need.

If none of the above work, not to worry. We’re all humans, and we all have ‘off’ days when it just seems like nothing will come to us. Instead of stressing out, let your mind relax and just enjoy a little downtime. Tomorrow will be a new (and hopefully inspired) day!