Meet Featured Artist Bhavna Misra: Bold Strokes and Rich Marks Set Rhythm

Heading for the Sky

Trained Physicist and Electrical Engineer explores Artmaking

Bhavna Misra is a fine artist working out of her Fremont based art studio. She likes to surround herself with nature, beauty, and positivity that bring out the motivation to create harmonious, colorful compositions that aim to inspire the sense of calm, cheer, and compassion in the viewer. She observes life closely and interprets it into her drawings and paintings in her signature realistic infused with expressionistic full-palette style incorporating bold strokes and rich marks to set rhythm in her work. The colors as seen through the planar positioning, relative interplay, and curiosity of unseen are guided to delight and hold the interest to explore more.

Misra is a trained Physicist and Electrical Engineer who sees artmaking as a natural extension to her education and a process to explore beauty in everything and anything and inviting others to see it through her eyes.

Jacaranda Dance

Bhavna regularly participates in juried shows and displays work in group and solo exhibitions. She was mentioned in the special anniversary issue of Professional Artist Magazine. She was published in multiple newspapers including Mercury News/ Argus, Fremont Bulletin, Tricity Voice, Cupertino Courier, Milpitas Post, Ohlone Monitor, Spartan Daily and her work appeared in various magazines and business newsletters and in online publications including Arden, Ideal Home and Gardens, ArtAscent etc.

An award winning artist, Bhavna is a finalist for this year’s SF Muni Art contest.
She lives online at

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