Meet Featured Artist Jerry Branigan

A collection of artwork with deep meaning.

Utilizing a variety of materials, Jerry has created a collection of work that is bold, expressive and compelling. Named the Beauty for Ashes Series, this 3D art is truly unique.

Here is what the artist has to say:

I have been a self taught artist over 20 years. JBRAN Gallery of Arts is a Word Inspired Art collection of works. The inspiration for these works comes from scripture Isaiah 61: 1-11, the year of the Lord’s favor. He says that he will give us Beauty for Ashes (KJV). This collection of Art Designs have been appropriately named the Beauty for Ashes Series.

• These are 3 dimensional handmade art designs
• They are made from copper, silver, bronze, brass aluminums and brushed metals
• They are formed by hand using hand shears for cutting and shaping
• A rubber mallet is used for bending edges
• Different, fabrics and vinyls have been integrated into the metal art designs.
• These designs are dawned with simulated jewels, rubies emeralds, sapphires and onyx stones.
• Each design is unique to itself therefore is placed on a fabric and frame that compliments its look.
• It took more than 11 types of material to create these designs.



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