New Year’s Resolutions for Artists – 6 Creative Ways to Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Resolutions for Artists

As we start 2018 most of us have new things we want to do. We start off on the right track with resolutions, but as time passes what we resolve to do diminishes. For artists it’s especially important to keep a few resolutions that will keep you on the track to creating more art. Hope these tips are helpful!

Improve Time Management Skills
How efficiently you spend your working hours directly affects how much time you have to spend doing the activities you enjoy. Write to-do lists every day, tune into your most productive times of the day, and stay focused by avoiding the distractions that you’re prone to.

Appreciate More
The time to tune into the good in your life is important. I was recently having a conversation with someone who told me that this last year was a very difficult one. She was going to try something new to help focus on the good. Every time something great happens in her life she will write it on a small slip of paper and keep it in a glass jar – just like fortune cookies.

At the end of the year when the jar is filled up she will look back and remember all the good.

What a great idea!

Get Organized

Organization is my frustrating weakness. As a visual person, I like to see all the stuff on my desk that I have to work with. I’ve been reading that reducing clutter can help with clarity. Each day I’m resolving to organize small sections of my workstations. We’ll see how it goes!

Put Time for Art on the Calendar
We only get better with practice and sometimes making the time to practice art is a challenge. Make it a priority to create new art and work on current art in 2018. Even if it’s just an hour a week, you will make progress and don’t forget about the therapeutic benefits of lowering anxiety and stress!

Take Time to Share & Encourage
As art can be a solitary activity it may be time to reach out and social media is a perfect avenue. Social media is here to stay. If you aren’t active at least through Facebook and Pinterest you’re missing out on getting your art seen. Visit other artists fan pages to show support and encouragement.

Be Prepared – Capture Ideas on your Smart Phone!
While out and about when inspiration strikes be sure and capture it! It’s quick and easy to just snap pictures of what catches your eye rather that digging around for a slip of paper to write on. By keeping a ongoing source of inspiring images when you hit a dry streak you can look back on your inspiration files.

Store your image/photo files in Dropbox which is a great tool for storage and can be accessed at any time.

In 2018, may you enjoy more time and inspiration as you create art!

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