Paint, Draw, & Sketch Your Stress Away

Don’t underestimate the power of art as a tool for reducing stress. Art has been known as an effective tool in therapy for decades. Art therapists know that art sparks the imagination and unlocks subconscious areas of the mind and helps people to express thoughts, feelings and pain that sometimes can’t be verbalized.

Ask any artist the benefits they find in creating art; painting, drawing, sketching, pottery and other art forms and you may hear some of these benefits below:


“I have more ideas.”Art stimulates the imagination. Just like exercise, when you exercise the right side of your brain, your creativity enhances and so does problem solving skills. Ever heard the term “think outside the box”? Of course you have! Want to think outside the box? Try art.



“I notice details that I’ve never seen before.” Art teaches you to see. Plain and simple. When drawing or painting you take the time to notice details and nuances that would ordinarily go unseen.



“I remember better when I paint”. A film titled “I Remember Better When I Paint” focuses on Alzheimer’s patients, and their progress as they are introduced to the world of creative arts. Art can unlock hidden memories and can enhance brain conditions. Click here for more on I Remember Better When I Paint.

Winslow Homer  - Montagnais Indians
Winslow Homer – Montagnais Indians

“I’ve found my tribe and they get me”. Ok, well maybe you don’t call your artists peers a tribe, however people connect based on things they have in common and common understanding. Art connects people – regardless of race, religion, status, sex orientation and everything in between.

Next time and every time you feel stressed try to funnel your stress through the arts. The calming effects and benefits will surprise you!

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