Seasonal Beauties – Which is your seasonal wonderland?

Meet Featured Artist Alon Avissar, a DC based Art Director and designer.

Seasonal Beauties – Designs based on the theme of seasons.

This week we are pleased to bring the art work of Alon Avissar a DC based Art Director and designer, to the Art and Design Inspiration community. Alon’s work is an inspirational mix of fantasy and realism. In the artists gallery, “Seasonal Beauties”, Alon explores a stylized concept of girls favorite seasons. With a double exposure twist, the work takes on a magical quality that expresses an inner fantasy, and has a perfect balance of whimsy and artistry. See more of Alons work here.

I have been developing double exposure portraits for a while now and have been covered by numerous art, design and photography websites.

I am winter, who are you?




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