Selling Your Artwork – Whether Opportunity is Knocking or Not, You’ll Find These Tips Useful

For many talented artists, selling your work may be the biggest obstacle you encounter. Many of us enjoy creating our artwork simply for the enjoyment and self-satisfaction. However, if you want to get your name out there and use your talent as a basis for a lucrative career, sometimes it isn’t as easy as you would like it to be – and, sometimes opportunity knocks, but we just don’t answer the door!

Here are a few tips for selling your artwork:

If opportunity does knock, open the door. When someone shows an interest in your work, follow up!

Maybe you’re somewhere (the doctor or dentist office, for instance) reading a book about art, and someone else notices, striking up a conversation. You talk a little bit about your art, and the person gives you a business card. You tuck it away, never to give it another thought. Follow up! Make a phone call, send an email. You never know what may come of opportunities, especially those when someone else takes the initiative to try to stay in touch.

Don’t forget the online world.

So many times, artists try to find a way to get their creations in front of the local community, or into art galleries. The internet provides you with so many opportunities, so why not take advantage of it? Create a blog and post pictures of your artwork, join online art communities, put up a Facebook page.

Attend arts and crafts shows in your community.

Many cities have annual arts and crafts shows where people set up booths to display their talents, whether it’s paintings, pottery, woodwork, crocheted items, or even homemade candles.

Ask local gift shops if they would be willing to display your work.

While you may have to give them a cut of the profits, this is a great way to generate interest in your work!

Offer coffee shops and restaurants a chance to “dress up” their decor.

Ask the owners of local establishments if they would like to exhibit your artwork on their walls, at no cost of course. People who are relaxing, dining, and enjoying a cup of coffee usually glance around at the decor – great exposure for your work!

Of course, getting your creative works into a gallery or two is what you really dream of, but there are hundreds of other ways to get your name and talent in front of others who may be interested! If opportunity comes knocking, open the door; if not, create your own opportunities.