Stop Comparing Now

Comparison – The Drain On Creative Energy

There is something about people who keep it real… they give everyone else the permission to be real with life. You feel comfortable with them, you can be yourself and not feel judged.

However, social media for all the good and bad, has a way of making some feel that they don’t measure up. That everyone has a perfect and wonderful life. I think this is especially true for artists and designers when they start comparing their Facebook work pages with other Facebook pages.

Creative people have strong imaginations. We can fill in the blanks. Show us something and we’ve already created the mental or fantasy story around it.

To keep your creative energy you need to keep the focus on not comparing. Not comparing your life, not comparing your work.

Stop looking for validation in the wrong places.

I’ve learned and continue to learn that loss, disappointment, loneliness, confusion, and bad days are just part of life.

You can’t take it personal. When you start taking it personal, it will drain your creative energy.

You’ll feel sorry for yourself and you’ll be stuck.

Instead, realize you do have the power. You have the power to decide your thoughts, believe above your circumstances, choose love and tap into your creativity.

Take the time to nurture your creative side and let go of your negative thoughts. If you do these things you can keep your creative energy strong.

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