Successful Entrepreneurs and the Self-Taught – Born With Ability, or Learned?

Keep reaching for the top! Drive and passion will get you there!
Keep reaching for the top! Drive and passion will get you there!

Some people seem to turn everything they touch into gold; it seems they were born to be successful.  The question is, are most of us who are self-taught or successful entrepreneurs different in some way than others?  Yes, and no.

Of course there is no ‘gene’ we’re born with that make us more likely to become successful on our own.  How do successful web designers, artists, musicians, graphic artists, writers, and others who develop their own talents and careers reach success?  A lot of it can be attributed to curiosity and ambition.  People are curious by nature; when you’re also ambitious, there is really nothing beyond your reach.

The truth is, some people learn better on their own, and some seem to catch on only if another person shows them step by step how to do something.  It is usually those with a driving, immense curiosity and desire to learn that are able to pursue their dreams and reach them.  Really, when you think about it, self-teaching is a totally natural process!  Curiosity + ambition is a combination that’s really unbeatable.

People often ask those who are self-taught and successful how they did it, what advice they would give others who want to follow in their footsteps.  It all starts with curiosity.  With intense curiosity and a willingness to learn, everything else really falls into place.  Maybe you’ve taken something apart piece by piece, in order to see how it works.  You have to put it back together, so it’s a learning process from beginning to end.  Again, curiosity!

Here’s a quick (and real life) example of how people become self-taught, without really meaning to.

A woman had two degrees in liberal arts fields, but her curiosity about and interest in art and technology led her to learning all she could about it (essentially, teaching herself.)  Today, she is a successful web designer, which really is in no way related to the degrees she earned in college.  Curiosity, ambition, and perhaps a little passion can lead you in an entirely new direction from what you had “planned” for your life.

So, it’s not really a case of being born with ability.  As long as you’re curious and passionate about something, and have a driving ambition to learn all you can about it, there are no limits to what you can achieve in life, either in your career or elsewhere!