The ‘Busy Minds’ of Creative Types – How to Relax and Enjoy Stress-free Holidays

Today, it seems like everyone leads super-busy, stress-filled lives – not only us creative types!  When your mind seems to be constantly filled with things to do, mental notes, what not to forget, etc., it can seem like it’s impossible to just “let it go.”  The holidays are coming up, which adds even more stress even though it should be a time to relax, focus on what the season means, and enjoy family.  How can you quiet your mind and avoid stress not only throughout the holidays, but any time you feel overwhelmed?

Take a deep breath.  You may have heard of people who want to control their tongues taking a deep breath and counting to ten.  The truth is, taking a few deep breaths really does work!   For the maximum result, lay down for a few minutes, learn the most effective deep breathing techniques, and try to clear you mind of anything negative, focusing on positive thoughts.

Write it down, and let it go.  It’s amazing how simply jotting down those thoughts and ideas floating around in your head on paper can free your mind!  It’s also stress relieving to write down things that are bothering you, then read what you’ve written – you may even realize that it really isn’t as important as you thought it was.  Write down everything that’s good and that you’re thankful for as well, as this can help outweigh the negatives!

Exercise.  While even the thought of exercising may seem like enough to stress you out (don’t have the time, not motivated, no room, etc.) exercise is one of THE best ways to clear your  mind and alleviate stress.  Exercising causes a rush of endorphins throughout your body, “feel good” hormones that reduce stress significantly.

Get a pet.  Studies have proven that people who have pets are less stressed than those who do not.  Pets have a relaxing effect on people; engaging in play with a dog or cat, or simply cuddling up on the couch can have amazing benefits.

Listen to music or enjoy a good laugh.  Certain types of music have an amazing calming effect!  Music can trigger biochemical stress reducers in the body – and there’s nothing like a good laugh to take your mind off of things.  Watch a good movie like “When Harry Met Sally” or “Miss Congeniality.”  Or, just hang out with friends or family members who always seem to have a funny story to tell!

Sketch. Sketch pictures that describe your feelings related to challenges that are causing you stress currently.

Free your mind, and let your worries go for a while.  Any projects you have on your mind will still be there in a few days, and life’s too short to spend it stressed out.


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