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How to Avoid Burnout

Artists, Designers, Photographers, and People who build things; this is all based on creativity. It can be challenging when you have to put it out there for the whole world to see. How can you get past the fear, anxiety and burnout…

Check out the video above for some great insights and tips to fight burnout.

Creativity is more than a job or an act… it is a process, a journey, a lifestyle. Doing our best creative work day in and day out is difficult. You’ve been tasked with producing a miniature miracle everyday to bring life, awe and inspiration into the world.


What does our best creative work look like? I believe it looks like a gift. I believe creativity is, by nature, an act of humility. An act of serving. Perhaps that is serving an ideal, or a calling, or the people around us. A life of creativity is a life of serving and giving to others.

Source: The Creative Life by Shawn Blanc

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