The Creativity of Artists, and Common Traits Shared

Common Traits of Artists

There is no doubt that artists, whether self-taught or otherwise, are creative, emotional, and often sensitive people. Did you know there are certain traits that most creative individuals share in common? Much of an artist’s success depends on the degree to which he or she develops these traits, according to some.

Here are a few of the traits those who are creative are believed to share:

Mental mobility – Is your mind mobile?

If you’re able to approach problems with a different perspective from most people, you’re mentally mobile. Creative types seek synthesis of new ideas, thinking in terms of contraries and opposites when it comes to problem solving.

Type T personality, or the “Big Trait.”

A willingness to take risks is a trait shared by many artists, and is a trait made up of three distinct characteristics: the ability to learn from your failures, understanding that your quest for creativity often involves failure, and seeking stimulation and excitement on an almost constant basis.


Inner motivation.

As an artist or creative individual, you likely find developing your art a challenge which is completely satisfying and fulfilling; you thoroughly enjoy what you do, and find it a welcome challenge rather than “work.”

Creating a painting or drawing is an inherent force inside you, simply for the creative process and not necessarily for reward. In fact, it has been found in research that an artist’s creativity and motivation are often stifled when his or her art is under evaluation, or the artist is supervised.

The ability to be objective.

Seeking criticism from others is something most artists do, particularly those who are objective. You are able to judge your own ideas and concepts, and examine your projects without ego getting in the way. If you’re a seasoned artist, you likely test your own ideas, reinforce your ideas and analyze them with the help of trusted colleagues and peers, and look at your ideas through honest eyes.

Many artists historically have been those some would call geniuses.

Did you know that some psychologists claim genius and failure cannot be separated? Geniuses have many failures, but they don’t let those failures get in their way; they keep on and increase productivity, driving forward fully motivated to the point they achieve their vision.

Do any of these traits describe you as a creative artist?

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