The Fear of Technology – Does It Have You Trapped?

Some artists are reluctant to get their art online and participate in the vast Internet world. There are a variety of reasons why artists are held back from really leveraging the exposure the Internet provides.

On the the fears that I’ll address today which is a very relevant one is the fear of technology!

Did you know the fear of technology is common for many that have not grown up in the Internet age. It turns out that about 62 percent of people 75 and older still don’t own a computer because many are afraid they can’t use it. The fear of technology holds many seniors back.

When you fear technology it’s usually because you aren’t comfortable using a computer. Some are afraid they will do something wrong and break it or aren’t sure how to use the programs that come with it. Once on a computer some have no idea on how to get their artwork from the easel to the computer and then online.

However, once you learn and become empowered you can participate in all the connections and opportunities to promote your artwork online.

Last year I bought my mom an ipad for Christmas. She didn’t ask for one but we wanted to do something special for her. She’s like many artists in her age group, and would get easily frustrated when it comes to the computer. But the ipad totally excited her! Not only is it cool but she felt empowered (once she learned to use it) and at first she wasn’t sure what she would do with it. But that quickly changed once she got comfortable and starting using it and discovered how much fun it is and how it could make so many tasks easier. In fact wherever she goes now the ipad goes with her.

The same holds true for my Dad who recently bought himself a Macbook Pro. For years he harassed me about my loyalty to Apple products, but now he is a fan mainly because it is so easy for him to use.

So the point, first you need to be comfortable with the computer. Choose one that is user friendly. The good thing about choosing an Apple product is that many of the Apple stores have free training sessions. They are very supportive and can help you get up and running with your computer in no time.

Get comfortable with technology. It’s here to stay and there are tons of resources online to help you. Also, review our articles and Blog posts on where we discuss everything from online marketing to inspirational tips!

Your not alone with this fear, however once you get started with a user friendly computer, some classes and connect to others who can help, you may find yourself an art techy in no time!

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