The Fine Art of Wine Mapping

Wine maps - Napa Wine Map

Inside the World of Suzi, Owner and Creator of VinMaps®

What do you get when you combine a scientific mind, creativity and the study of geography and terroir? Unique wine maps called VinMaps!

Each VinMaps® focus is an artistic manifestation of thorough research, development, and design. All of the maps are exquisitely and accurately rendered from many of the most famous wine regions in the world. Next time you are sipping your favorite Cabernet, Merlot or Chardonnay, let your imagination wander to the source of the grape. The flavors in wine are a result of the terrior; the regions climate, soils, terrain and even the traditions of the winemakers.

The Back Story

Suzi’s appreciation of wine began in San Diego, CA, through the culinary talents of her Mother. Café Angelique was set in a historic, resurrected firehouse in Balboa Park. Martha, as owner and head chef, created an eclectic mix of gourmet dishes.

Suzi’s Father, Donald, a physics professor and avid collector of South American textiles, ceramics and other art, instilled in her a strong sense of science as it mixes and meets with the artistic.

Ultimately, Suzi found that the combination of her mother’s passion for wonderful food and her father’s hobby of collecting ceramics, textiles, and other art left her with a strong sense of science as it melds with the artistic.


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Her extensive travels to Napa and Sonoma in California, Washington State, Canada, France and other regions later on clinched her passion for wine tasting and discovery. Her career as a freelance GIS consultant since 1996 and her professional experience as technician, analyst, editor in mapping data for environmental consulting and engineering firms ultimately led to the creation of her business – VinMaps.

What began as a small business has grown to a worldwide presence. From the wine tasting rooms of renowned wineries, to the homes of wine enthusiasts everywhere, VinMaps are being featured as premium works of art. Suzi is honored to have VinMaps featured in the training rooms of Total Wine and More, where they are part of the wine education experience. Explore over 35 beautiful wine maps on

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