The Penguin, The Panda & Link Building


In the “old days,” which was only a year or two ago, link building was thought to be one of the most important SEO strategies along with well-optimized web pages.

Today, not so much; in fact, link building done the wrong way can actually destroy your Google presence on your art website! Your time will be better spent creating valuable, unique content that describes your creative processes, work, style, techniques and focusing on other effective marketing tactics that build your personal brand awareness, such as social media, article marketing, and essentially building a presence for your art, products, even yourself online.

Over the past two years Google has drastically changed the way websites are ranked, focusing more than ever before on providing relevant, quality results to those in search of information, products, or services.


The Penguin and Panda updates have made manual link building as we used to know it almost obsolete!

Now, it’s more about “attraction” marketing, drawing people naturally to your website and brand through information and visuals users find informative, engaging, even humorous or controversial. We’re not saying that links are no longer valuable, because they are. What we ARE saying is that those links should come from trusted, relevant sites that link to you because they like what they find on your website.

Slow and Steady Strategy Wins in the Long Haul

What works today is a strategy that while perhaps a bit slower and more tedious than you would like will result in visibility and success for the long haul. Work on building your unique brand through social media engagement, article marketing, and other tactics that help highlight your knowledge and authority. Think about your website’s design and whether it effectively represents your brand and who you are. While this may be a slower approach than the old “magic bullets” of cramming website pages with keywords and gathering as many links as possible from link farms, it works. Period.

Promises, Promises…They Don’t Work

The old way of link building (exchanging links with as many other website owners as you could possibly find, “buying” hundreds or thousands of links or signing up with companies that make promises of 40,000 inbound links) is obsolete – and if you’re still doing this, you could find your website (if you could find it at all) at the very bottom of the heap in terms of search results. Just don’t do it!

Keyword Stuffing…A Forced Failure

Other SEO strategies that are no longer effective are over-optimized website pages, in other words pages with pertinent keywords “stuffed” into every nook and cranny possible. Sure, keywords are necessary, otherwise those searching would never find what they are looking for. What’s different today? Keywords flow naturally in the content and are never forced; the context of what you write should let search engines know what your pages are about, without you inserting the key term or phrase 25 times on a page that’s 300 words in length!

Build your Brand Through Engagement

To sum it all up, put the most effort on making sure your web page is effective, that your content is what your readers are looking for, and building your brand through social media and other platforms designed for engagement.