The Unforeseeable Developments Of The Creative Process

Meet Featured Artist Bob Booth

Previously I had painted in an impressionist style: a style that seemed to be dependent on objective seeing – the everyday accidents of light, colour and form, rendered by the accidents of the medium. Although this has been a very exciting way to work, I suspect that it, in some way it has always left me with just the world. Extravagantly beautiful and rich as this was, it failed to acknowledge some decisive truth about its being.

“More recently my starting point has been the invisible, as seen through the steady gaze of the Christian tradition. My first brush-strokes are usually made when I have only a very tentative, vague idea about the form a painting might take. Even then, initial ideas are normally overwhelmed early-on by the unforeseeable developments of the creative process. It is a process full of open-ended narratives, images and ideas that sow seeds, spark fires, and start relationships.” For more on this artist, visit their website.

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