Tips for Self Taught Artists – The 5 P’s

Are you a self-taught artist? Are you trying to teach yourself how to be a better artist?

These 5 P’s are a different way of looking at being a better artist – Check it out!

1. P for POWER – The POWER of Artistic Observation
Do you want to translate your vision into visual art? You need to hone in on your observation skills! This requires that you are in the moment and very aware of your surroundings. Whether you are in a crowded public place or enjoying the solitude of nature; if you look closely and observe life your imagination will be stimulated and the power of observation will increase your artistic skill.


2. P for PLAY – Playing releases stress and anxiety – and helps you feel more creative and artistic!
Playing frees your imagination from the confides of work and structure. When your not in the ‘production’ mode and you can ‘play’ you will think and feel more creative. When was the last time you flew a kite? It’s been forever for me. But I do recall that feeling of freedom. I know that when we play we can feel more creative. Simple pleasures unlock the imagination.


3. P for Practice. Practice Makes Perfect
Skills are developed through practice. Without practice, skills aren’t developed. There are countless online tutorials for artists to develop skills. Just like learning to play the piano, you need to practice your art skills.


4. P for Pick One – Pick a Medium to Master
Self-taught artists get better when they pick a medium to master. Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, Graphite, Colored Pencil; to name a few. Pick a medium to master, study it, get really good with it, build your confidence and then explore more.


5. Plan – Without planning you won’t get it done!
Plan time each week, even daily if you can, to work on your art and develop your skills. Put your art on the calendar! For the last 3 years almost every Monday night I work on my art religiously. It’s planned on the calendar and this is my art time to work on projects and explore new ideas.

It’s important to prioritize art in your life to improve your skills. The benefits are numerous! Reduce stress, think more creatively, find balance and more.

For self-taught artists, if you make these 5 P’s a priority in your life you will find your talent increasing.

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