What Makes You Feel Alive?

So often we go through our week with our tasks in the forefront of our mind. Work, responsibilities, obligations, moving us on day in and day out.

We neglect to tap into the deeper parts of our souls and connect with the things that make us feel alive.

I’m talking about the ‘alive’ that gets you out of bed in the morning or keeps you up late at night, totally engaged with a spark and expectation that drives you to create and express the deep things in your heart and soul, often those things that can’t be expressed verbally.

When you’re expressing the creative nature within yourself, the self-absorbed creative part that is stress free, obligation free and totally free to be in the moment; you become more alive.


For some this is expressed in creative writing and the words flow and for artists this is expressed with the visual where you take the blank paper, space or canvas and bring it to life.

When your living in this moment of being totally engaged and free, with complete abandonment and enjoyment or purpose in your artwork, you have become more alive.

Through expressing your creative nature with art you can transcend the daily stresses, depression, loneliness and other life depleting feelings and you can experience more peace, confidence and pure enjoyment in being in the creative zone, fully alive and engaged.

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